Disc problems can make themselves known with various symptoms, but pain is the most common one. A lot of patients will call us saying they have a “slipped disc” or a herniated disc. First off, we want to help you understand more about what discs are and what causes disc problems:


A disc is the cartilage between the bones (vertebrae) of your spine. The cartilage attaches to the vertebra above and below it. This creates a separation between your vertebrae that allows for the movement/flexibility so much of us take for granted.


So discs cannot technically slip, but they can wedge, bulge, protrude, and herniate. A bulging or herniated disc occurs when the fluid inside this cartilage pushes through. This can irritate your nearby nerves and result in pain and numbness in your arms or legs.

There are two types of herniated discs: protrusions and prolapses. A protrusion is when the fluid pushes out but remains connected. A prolapse is when the disc fluid actually becomes disconnected from the rest of the disc. With a prolapsed disc, the pain tends to be severe and can make normal activities like sitting, standing, walking, etc. very difficult. A prolapsed disc usually leads to numbness/tingling in your legs and/or arms.


Here are signs that you may have disc issues that require a chiropractic consultation:

  • Tenderness or stiffness of spine
  • Leg, buttock, foot pain
  • Shoulder, neck or arm pain with certain movements
  • Numbness, tingling or weakness in body parts served by affected nerves


How does chiropractic help disc problems?

The purpose of chiropractic care is to locate and correct areas of the spine interfering with proper nervous system function. Because your discs are so close to your spinal cord and nerve roots, disc issues are quite commonly treated by chiropractic cases. Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper motion and position of malfunctioning spinal bones, reducing nervous system involvement. If caught before permanent damage, disc tissue often returns to a more normal size and shape.

Aren’t disc problems simply a part of the normal aging process?

No disc problems shouldn’t be considered normal, especially since they are treatable. Disc problems do tend to be caused by years of degeneration and are therefore more common as we age, however they can also occur at any time. Many disc problems are nonsymptomatic until the advanced stages of degeneration, so it is important to get checked regularly.

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What Our Patients Say

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Rickey Tyner

“After several doctors with different diagnosis for the cause of my symptoms, I'm finally getting the relief that I've been searching for. I'm receiving excellent treatment and the staff is superb. What are you waiting for? Make the appointment. You won't regret it.”

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Babette Suter

“I would highly recommend going to Wills Chiropractic. The friendliness of the staff, is so refreshing. The way everything was explained to me helped put me at ease. Not only are they friendly but , the most important thing I found here was the integrity & honesty! For the first time in a very long time I now have hope where I never thought I would again.”

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Amy Moberg

“Wills Chiropractic has done wonders for my headaches! I went from having them almost daily to being able to go for months without one.”

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“Great staff that truly cares about your well being.”

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Alisha Kirk

“Dr Bryan and staff are great!”

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Sarah Mckinney

“Will’s Chiropractors treats us like family. They provide excellent care.”

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Lisa Zorn

“I was driving from Denver to Illinois. I needed some work done on my right hamstring and glute. I called the day before I arrived and the front desk lady was so polite and pleasant to talk to. She booked me the next day with Rebecca, the masseuse. Rebecca was knowledgeable and genuinely cared about working on the spot I needed done. She was simply amazing. I felt 100% better. Highly recommend!”

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Sandy Lightner

“I have much greater range of motion, must less pain and much less frequent. Everyone on the staff is friendly and supportive. I even got a congratulatory card signed by everyone when I accomplished my goal, qualifying for the New York marathon!”

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Frank Moore

“Always treated with care genuine concern.”

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Tricia Egyed

“The office environment is always welcoming and eager to help with our needs. We've had to be seen last minute for injuries never an issue getting in. I recommend Wills Chiropractic for many different needs.”

Our Working Process

What to Expect


Relief Chiropractic Care

When patients come to us in pain, our top priority is to help relieve that pain so they can find comfort and feel better. While some patients feel relief in as little as one visit, it can take 2-3 visits per week for 4-12 weeks to achieve lasting real pain relief.


Corrective/Restorative Chiropractic Care

Muscles and tissues heal more completely during the corrective care phase, which prevents and reduces the risk of further injury. This phase typically requires 4-8 visits per month for 6-24 months depending on the severity of the issue.


Wellness Chiropractic Care

Once your body has completely healed, periodic adjustments become an important part of your healthcare regimen to avoid problems in the future. Based on your lifestyle and goals, we hope to see you 1-4 times per month.

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