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What Wills Chiropractic Patients In Rochelle Say About Us...

Hear from patients who have used our practice for ailments including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and arthritis. An important factor of chiropractic care is to not only treat the symptoms you are experiencing, but to get to the root of the problem that is causing those symptoms. By removing interruptions from your body’s nervous system, your brain and body are better able to work together so you can enjoy many benefits including pain relief, improved energy, a boosted immune system, and better flexibility and mobility.

But don’t just take our word for it! Hear about how chiropractic has improved our patients’ health and wellness:


What Our Patients Say

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Audrey S.

"It is like a miricle to be this pain free again"

About three years ago I could hardly walk. When I stood up after sitting, I could hardly bear the pain. I thought I would have to be in a wheelchair soon. The outer side of my left leg had been in hard ridges for many years. It was really painful. I would wake after two or three hours of sleep hurting so bad that I could not sleep the rest of the night. We had a condo in Florida on the beach and I could no longer walk up and down the stairs or walk on the beach.

I have a nephew who is a very successful chiropractor in Memphis, Tennessee and I have gone to chiropractors for almost forty years, but thought they had done as much for me as possible. I have three compressed disks and stenosis of my back. My granddaughter started working for Wills Chiropractic as a Wellness Coach after graduating from college. She kept telling me how good Dr. Bryan and Dr. Stacy were. Finally, my husband talked me into trying them.

After x-rays, Dr. Bryan discovered that my pelvis was tipped. He started adjusting me three times a week in February 2006. By the time we went to Florida in May, I could walk up and down the stairs and walk on the beach. The ridges have smoothed out on my leg and I am sleeping all night with only a little pain. Of course, I still have the compressed disks and stenosis, hence the pain, but it is like a miracle to me to be this pain free again.

I cannot thank Dr. Bryan Wills enough. I am so thankful that our granddaughter started working for Wills Chiropractic.

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Bev C.

"Pain WAS my Life, NOT ANYMORE!"

I had to do something; I was leading a poor quality of life. I was t-boned by a semi truck and I was having major hip issues – my arthritis was making it difficult to get around. I didn’t want surgery and the pain clinic just gave me pills – that only masked the pain, it didn’t cure it.

I decided to begin seeing Dr. Bryan in September of 2011. His regimen of care included a combination of chiropractic care and power plate. Together they loosened things up. It’s so much easier to get up out of a chair, walk, and get in and out of a car. It used to be difficult shopping for groceries, I would have to lean on the cart and only get items I needed. Now I can wander in stores and shop longer – I can do more of what I like to do! Before I just wanted to lie in bed all day because it was the only place I didn’t hurt. Now I enjoy getting out and doing NORMAL things, things I couldn’t enjoy before because the pain was so bad. I have a life again – I didn’t feel like I was living one before I found chiropractic…Pain WAS my Life, NOT ANYMORE!

I used to drive by Wills Chiropractic all the time. I’m so glad I decided to start coming. Everyone here is really nice. Don’t be afraid, come on over – chances are you will feel better!

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Terry D.

"Dr. Bryan saved my life!"

I first began seeing Dr. Bryan in January of 2007. I was at the end of my rope…Although I wasn’t suicidal, I didn’t care if I died – I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. A year before I began seeing Dr. Bryan I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was losing mobility and I could barely get around. I was given steroids to help and as a result I gained 35 pounds. Medical doctors said infusion treatments were the only options before surgery. I was spending $8,000 per treatment and receiving treatments every 6 weeks. In 2006 my insurance company spent $50,000 in medical bills. I had seen just about every doctor imaginable. My gastroenterologist feared my only option would be a colectomy. My wife wanted me to check all other options before surgery and that’s how I came upon Wills Chiropractic.

I began seeing immediate results once I began getting adjusted. Throughout the first couple of months I had ups and downs BUT NOW if I watch what I eat, IT’S LIKE I NEVER HAD IT.

I am currently taking probiotics (probiotics are species of health-promoting bacteria that we require for proper digestion of food and for immune defense against illness promoting bacteria, viruses, and fungi.) AND I AM NO LONGER TAKING 4 DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEDICATIONS INCLUDING STEROIDS.

My life has changed dramatically since meeting Dr. Bryan. I am a lot happier, have more energy, and I have less sick days. In 2006 I missed 1 month of work due to ulcerative colitis, and this year I haven’t missed a day of work! My family life has improved too! I am ashamed to say that before receiving care at Wills Chiropractic I “snapped” a lot on my family. My family life has now improved and Dr. Bryan saved my life!

Forever Thankful,

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"What pleases me most is how much better I feel."

I’m very fortunate to have been blessed with good health. I’ve always been active in my youth as well as adult life. Sports have always been part of my life whether I was teaching, playing or coaching them. I must admit I haven’t taken the best care of my body as far as warming up, letting sore muscles heal, and general rest. Now in my life I still push myself and injuries don’t heal as quickly. So I turned to a chiropractor for help. I was amazed how just one visit helped and with continued care kept me feeling great. I still have injuries but it would take so much longer to heal without seeing Dr. Bryan. And there’s no guarantee it would heal correctly on my own.

I will admit I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor at first. I didn’t understand how it could all help me without medicine. Dr. Bryan has always taken the time to explain why he’s doing the adjustment and how that will keep my body in good health. I have and will continue to suggest a friend or family member seek out a chiropractor their comfortable with.

What pleases me most would be how much better I feel after my adjustments. But the wonderful, happy atmosphere you experience is always a bonus. I recently had to call and see if they could see me as soon as possible because I did something dumb. They got me right in! Even though I wasn’t 100% better when I walked out it would have taken me two weeks rather than two more days to be back up to par.

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Mandi C.

"We visit Wills Chiropractic regularly to keep us healthy."

It’s safe to say I knew NOTHING about chiropractic care in June of 2007. Under the impression chiropractic was for people with injured backs, I had never felt the need to go. Things completely changed one afternoon when I was lifting my small child into a public pool, my back “gave out” and I dropped her into the water. She was safe, thankfully, but I was immobile with pain. My thoughts immediately flew to surgery, medication, doctor visits, all things that compromised my life as a young mother. Having driven by Wills Chiropractic many times before, I called them immediately to discuss my options. (I still thank Stephanie to this day for her ability to make me feel calm during my desperate call!) I had no idea how much that phone call would change my life and the lives of my family.

After a full, thorough exam and treatments by Drs. Stacy and Bryan, I was able to resume my normal life with relative ease, but my story doesn’t end there. The doctors educated me about chiropractic as we went through the treatments. Once I understood that chiropractic care was allowing ME to do the healing by helping my body function at 100%, I made the decision to stretch chiropractic into all corners of my life. You see, I had just come through this traumatic injury with no medicinal or chemical interferences, no surgeries—chiropractic had simply rid my body of interruptions that would normally stifle my natural healing process. Here’s where the rest of my family comes in.

My husband and daughters began chiropractic care as well. Knowing now that chiropractic is not just for when you are uncomfortable or in pain, but for the body’s own resilience, I wanted my entire family to benefit. Almost 5 years later, my husband and I have not missed a day of work and my children have not suffered one sick day of school. We visit Wills Chiropractic regularly for maintenance care to keep us healthy. I’ve often said, if I had known what I know now when my children were born, we would have begun chiropractic care immediately, no question.

As for my back, the initial reason I stumbled into the door at Wills Chiropractic, all is well. I enjoy running and have begun extending my runs with no interruptions from pain. My treatment plan with regular adjustments and therapeutic massage keep me fully functioning and well. I realize in these times we all need to make sacrifices, but sacrificing my family’s chiropractic care is definitely something we are not willing to do. The cost would simply be too great.

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Merle W.

"Staff is top-notch, friendly, and helpful."

Put aside what you think you know about Chiropractic care. Educate yourself about preventative healthcare and see how chiropractic fits in. One of the most valuable components of my family’s care at Wills Chiropractic is our relationships with the doctors and knowing they have our best interests are heart.

Chiropractic care puts your spine and neck back in line – after my fall from the kitchen into the garage. I had never had an adjustment. I believe this did me a heap of good. I felt better after the first Power Plate treatment – felt different, all over my whole body. Leg feelings are getting better. Legs itch during treatment and Rene said that should happen.

Rene is good for her job. She works good with me. I always look forward to going for my treatment. I am able to walk without my cane for longer distances. Not totally cured, but am getting better.

Staff is top-notch, friendly, and helpful.

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Samantha P.

"Chiropractic care has released a lot of stress that I never knew I had."

Chiropractic care has allowed me to be able to play longer with my 3 year old son. Before my back and foot would hurt so I had to take many breaks. Also my posture was not where it should have been and now my shoulders stay back instead of being hunched over. Keep in mind I am a 27 year old and many would think I should have had more energy. The care has also dramatically helped me cut down on smoking. I had smoked for about 10 years and since my care started I am down to maybe 3 a day if any at all! Chiropractic care has released a lot of stress on my body that I never knew I had.

Chiropractic care is an option instead of taking medicine. Medicine may just mask the problem instead of allowing the body to ‘heal itself’ which is what Chiropractic does. Chiropractic care does not hurt at all. It actually relieves stress on the body. I felt relief instantly!

I was pleased and impressed by the friendly and outgoing personalities of the whole crew. They made me feel as though I knew them for years. Any questions that I had were answered without making me feel dumb.

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Suzanne W.

"I’ve gained more than what I’ve lost and…I couldn’t be happier."

Sounds like a strange, unusual and unexpected statement for someone who is a client at Wills Chiropractic.

For the past ten years I have suffered from severe weight gain. I averaged a gain of five to seven pounds every year. Besides carrying excess weight, I retained a lot of water not only in my extremities but also around my mid-drift. I felt like I was retaining the Great Lakes! I also began to suffer from depression, emotional instability, and a loss of self-worth. I had shortness of breath and my energy level declined steadily every year.

I sought help from different medical specialists and their diagnosis revolved around the fluctuation of my hormone levels. I was placed on a regiment of different hormone pills. The specialists said that, if they could find the right medical solution it would take time and that I needed to be patient and understanding. However, after 10 years, I was running out of patience, understanding and hope. Until I visited Wills Chiropractic. I met a wonderful person who would change my life forever, her name…Dr. Stacy Wills.

Dr. Stacy explained how my subluxations were interfering with the normal functioning of my nervous system; thus my health was being compromised. It wasn’t until I talked to Dr. Stacy that I was aware that my health issues were due to the misalignment of my spine. Within a few weeks the swelling of my ankles, feet, and hands was reduced. My energy level rose and my shortness of breath lessened. As I continued with my adjustments, my family noticed how different I had become. I laughed more and most of all…I began smiling!

Then, I met another wonderful person who would change my life too. Stephanie, my Wellness Coach. Her enthusiasm was contagious. The more Stephanie talked the more I became excited about the Wellness System and how this system could change my life. I decided to commit to the system and Stephanie completed a comprehensive Wellness Assessment. Dr. Stacy and Stephanie placed me on a customized Wellness System. The system they designed for me included nutritional supplements, weekly adjustments by Dr. Stacy and personal coaching with Stephanie. I also received an exercise/cardiovascular workout program.

I’ve lost eleven pounds, four inches around my waist, two inches on my hips, and lowered my body fat by two percent. And yes, I am no longer retaining the Great Lakes! Believe me, I couldn’t be happier about what I have lost; however my joy comes from what I have gained. Which brings me back to my title. I have gained more energy, strength, and endurance. I have gained a more positive attitude and outlook on life. I have also gained more self-confidence, and self-esteem. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

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Cheri H.

"You are not only good people, but good doctors."

Today I watched another disco gram, and spent a deal of time in pain clinic. The poor woman, had lumbar issues. Herniated discs in extreme pain. But then, she got the shot to “numb” the section that the cortisone was going into. She was in extreme pain throughout the whole procedure. The whole time while using the c-arm and watching the procedure and listening to her wince, I was thinking, this could have been me years ago.

But instead I choose to “try” these new doctors in town. So I came in to you. My family doctor also sent me to a specialist. Who had MRI’s done and decided that I probably would need to have an operation. I said, let’s wait. Luckily, Stacy you were “smart” enough to think of traction, and continued to work on me. When I went back to the doctor he then said, I didn’t need surgery, and to keep doing what I was doing, because it was working. (This is an orthopedic surgeon) So while I was in that room today, I wanted to scream……..CHIROPRACTIC……..Go to Wills Chiropractic……like I have been telling people for years. Well at least the past three, lol…….But if I didn’t receive that flyer. And if you weren’t very good (remember at the time I was firing doctors left and right). If I didn’t take the chance, I would have been right where that lady, who happened to be my age, was, and still eventually going through with the operation.

She said after she was done, she didn’t think she would put herself through that again. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Anyway, I wanted to thank both of you. You are not only good people, but good doctors. And you saved me, from one operation, that would have probably made my life worse. So thanks.

(815) 562-5333