Chiropractic for Ear Infections

Ear infections may be common, but they’re not normal.

Chronic ear infections can be extremely frustrating for both parents and children. No parent wants to see their child suffer or have to continuously give them antibiotics, which may be effective for acute bacterial infections but are useless for viral cases. If ear infections persist, children are usually scheduled for ear tube surgery, which is the implantation of artificial drainage tubes and requires the administration of risky anesthesia. Chiropractic care is a natural remedy for ear infections and offers an alternative to surgery and medications.

Why Do Children Suffer from Ear Infections?

Ear infections occur much more frequently in children because the Eustachian tube is more horizontal than it is in adults. The Eustachian tube is what helps drain the inner ear, and can get blocked much more easily when it is horizontal. This can lead to multiple ear infections throughout a year. The blockage can also be caused by restrictions in your child’s neck.

How Can Chiropractic Help Treat Ear Infections?

Chiropractic adjustments restore proper movement in your child’s spine and neck, which allows the Eustachian tube to drain correctly. If your child comes in for wellness chiropractic care, they will also enjoy the benefit of reduced pain associated with ear infections, along with the reduced likelihood of ear infections.

Although chiropractic isn’t a treatment for infections of any type, our chiropractors know how to look specifically for distortions in the upper spine, where nerve distortions may be interfering with the body’s ability to heal itself. With a gentle adjustment – sometimes just a light touch at just the right place and direction – nervous system integrity can be restored. Ear infections aren’t just a common thing your child has to suffer through. Chiropractic care can help provide ear infection relief. 

Why expose your child to unnecessary medications or procedures if you can treat the issue naturally? If you are looking for a natural ear infection treatment, give chiropractic, a non-invasive and drug-free alternative, a try! Schedule a consultation with the experienced chiropractors at Wills Chiropractic.

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